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Osteopathy Consultations

Type Session Price
1st Appointment 80-90 minutes €65
Follow-up Appointment 50-60 minutes €50 per visit
Video-call Appointment 30 minutes 30€

Discount of 10% in a first consultation for the over 65, under 18 or students.
At the moment we don’t accept payment by card, only cash or by MBWay.
In a situation of urgency and outside the normal working hours, there is an extra fee of 10€.

Advanced and Specific Training for Osteopaths

Type Session Price
This training is directed to the specific needs of the students. The material used in the training will be included. No certification or diplomas will be issued. Max 3 students at time. Number of hours of training upon agreement with students 60 minutes €50

Ergonomic Assessment and Intervention in Work Places

Type Session Price
General training to office workers on Posture, Ergonomy and Prevention. 50 minutes €60
Diagnosis of specific work station and worker. 10-15m per work station. €20
Specific intervention (adapting work station, exercises and posture) for each worker. 10-15m per worker. €20