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The appointment

An Osteopathy appointment has different phases. Please read below and be acquainted with its procedures and advices.

Clinical History

I will start by conducting an interview so I can understand better what brings you here, your health status in general, family medical history and general diet and sports habits. In the majority of the cases, it is very relevant to gather all this information. If you have recent medical exams please bring them with you, and any medicine you may be using. It is at this stage of the appointment that a therapeutic alliance between the osteopath and the patient starts to be formed.

Rui Santiago Osteopathy

System Check

Depending on the nature of your complaint and general health, it might be necessary to conduct a few clinical assessments as cardiovascular, neurological, abdominal, respiratory or cranial nerves. The interpretation of the information gathered will help define the next steps regarding your best interest.

Rui Santiago Osteopathy

Physical Examination

It is as important to understand the specific reasons for complaint as it for its predisposing and maintaining factors. Posture observation, tissues palpation and the necessary osteopathic and orthopaedic tests are usually necessary to reach a more accurate diagnosis (full explanation is given, treatment options are discussed with the patient). The global examination will be performed on the first visit; on the following ones, I will assess the expected changes.

Rui Santiago Osteopathy


Treatment is composed of techniques applied to structures relevant to the diagnosis. Osteopathy offers a myriad of solutions to each problem, having different options for different people, integrating them in the global clinical picture. All techniques will be explained and consent will be asked before being applied.
Eventual side effects and the strategies to deal with them will be explained before hand. Most of Osteopathic treatment does not cause side effects.
Treatment is part of a short-term to long-term plan. Depending on the nature of your complaint, this plan is designed with the patient in order to fit their life style and commitments. Following appointments will only be schedule if there is a clinical reason for it.

Rui Santiago Osteopathy
Rui Santiago Osteopathy

Advice and Exercise

Treatment is only one part of the therapeutic process. As a complement, advice and explanations, exercises, stretches and strategies will be given to the patient so that they  can have more control over their problem.
My aim is to accelerate and make more effective and long-lasting the recovery from the original complaint.

Rui Santiago Osteopathy

Important Notes

The physical and psychological wellbeing of my patients is a priority to me, any particular situation that would require my attention or care should be communicated in advance.

Hygiene care and appropriate clothing are important to a more productive and confortable session. To ensure so, during the consultation and to allow the physical examination and treatment (the patient might be asked to remove some of their clothes), would be useful if you could bring shorts (not long) and ladies a sports bra.
If you wish to keep your clothes on, your will shall be respected, the most important is your comfort. 

Under 18 years old patients must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal tutor.

Appointments in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

If you need to re-schedule or cancel your appointment, please do it with more than 24 hours notice, so that the slot can be available to other patients in need.

If you fail to attend without any notice, you will be asked to pay an extra 30€ for your next appointment as compensation. If I fail to attend without letting you know, I offer half of the value of your appointment.

If you are late for your appointment, please let me know. Thank you.

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