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I initiated my professional path in the software engineering industry and professional training in web development, an area I graduate in 2001.

After some years of work, my interest in health care was becoming clear. Starting as a curiosity, the Shiatsu course was the opening to an amazing new world and this new passion created a rupture with my previous profession and continued with several other courses in rehabilitation massage, massotherapy and the beginning of activity as a massage therapist.

Understanding that I needed more to better help my patients and pursuing personal development help me decide to make the bold decision of studying osteopathy in the United Kingdom (pioneer country in its practice and education), at Oxford Brookes University, a 5 years degree that I completed in July 2011 (this degree is fully recognized by Portuguese Education Authorities, law nº 341 / 2007 12 of October, a final grade of 16/20 or an Upper second class with honours).

I was also privileged in having the experience of working for 2 years in a busy osteopathic clinic, in Oxford.

In 2014 I completed the pgCertACE (Postgrad in Clinical and Academic Education for Osteopathy), at the BSO (British School of Osteopathy), in London.

I persist in doing advanced training and I collaborate with international institutions of research in osteopathy, like the Center for Osteopathic Medicine (COME) collaboration.

I have concluded my PhD in occupational health and safety at the University of Porto, looking into the possible role this profession may have in occupational health. 

I keep looking forward to learning more, contributing more to the profession and, of course, taking better care of my patients.


In Portugal, I have a definitive professional licence as an osteopath, number C0100087, since 2016, immediately after the regulation process. I am registered with the local health authorities (ERS). Before my profession was regulated in Portugal I was registered with the GOsC (General Osteopathic Council) with the number 8004.

I have been teaching osteopathy for over 10 years in Portugal, at different schools and in different cities. Also had experience in teaching osteopathy abroad. Currently, I teach in three higher-education programmes of osteopathy.


Osteopathy is a medicine centred on the person and not on the disease. I have the commitment to try to know and understand as best as possible the case you present to me, as well as your preferences, doubts and objectives, and to work together, in a therapeutic alliance, for a sovereign and lasting resolution.

I look forward to your visit.

Rui Santiago Osteopathy

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